Sunday, July 18, 2010

CTG Week 8 plus

Well, we seemed to have stretched Week 8 out into two weeks. I've been struggling with the science spine book, Genesis For Kids. I've just not been crazy about it . So have been on the look out for something to do instead. I ended up finding more than one book to fill in our science needs. So here they are.

We are using Health For the Glory of God from Rod and Staff Publishers

I like the gentle nature of this curriculum's approach to the subject of health. It covers the necessary, but leaves out the sensitive topics. In my opinion, those things are often taught sooner than necessary in this day and age. I would like to continue to guard my children's innocence. I know that God will give me wisdom and the words I need, when it is time to go further into these topics.

So on the topic of health, Squirt has been less than stellar in her teeth brushing skills. 

So we purchased her 


It is an electric rechargeable toothbrush from Oral B 
Squirt's teeth have never been so clean!!!!

It has replaceable heads. It goes for 2 minutes once turned on. So the person knows they are brushing well and for the necessary time. After two minutes it turns itself off. I love this thing! I love that the brush head is small, so it fits a small child's tooth size and helps prevent unnecessary brushing of their gums, which will prevent gum recession. And it was a great price- $20! Yeah!

Okay back to to academics.

The other books that I am using are 

I love the Charlotte Mason style of this book. I love the way it is written. And it is so full of great academic science that is approachable for the elementary student. I love that the projects are mostly projects that look do-able to me and that I will actually complete. And it fits in well with the style of My Father's World curriculum.

The second book we are using is 
by B.J. Reinhard

This science book has more the approach of a devotional. But it is very full of science information. 
It includes a Key Verse, science vocabulary definitions in the side bars, Dig Deeper sections, additional verses to read and ties in the beauty of the science topic with spiritual truths. It usually includes an Explore It section which is a recommended simple experiment, as well as a Thought to Remember. 

For example, the last section we read was about Light. The section was called "Shining the Light on Light". It included the Key Verse of Philippians 2:6-8. And the Thought to Remember was "Jesus was both God and man." 

Squirt learned about electromagnetic waves the week before. Tying that lesson in with this one we read about how life could not exist without light. Then the author described how light is a wave and a stream of particles. And then talked about the duplicity of light as a wave and a stream of particles. They related that duplicity to Jesus who is God.

 I like the quote from this section. 

"What is true of light is also true of the One who made the light, the One who is called the light of the world. Just as light has two natures, so did Jesus. He was God and man at the same time while He walked on earth."

Okay and to make sure I actually include something from CTG  for this week, here is Squirt's timeline piece for Jacob. And notebook pages

Finally to close up mostly a section on other books rather than CTG. 
We bought a used 10 volume set of The Bible Story by Arthur Maxwell

 I have always wanted to get this set, but it is usually around 80 or more dollars. I got this one for 10! I love that we can read our Bible reading section together out of the Word of God; and then Squirt can go and reread that same story in a simpler style designed for children in these books. She loves that it is filled with color illustrations, that according to her "almost look real" (like a photo). I love that she is getting the Bible teaching through another source reiterating the truths we are trying to instill. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, Edie. I am getting excited about starting CtG in the fall. Right now we are really enjoying our summer. I did clean out the children's desks and all my storage drawers in the school room. And I got rid of (threw away! Gulp!!) their art projects from last year. I had already taken pictures of them all and put those in their folders. They didn't even comment on it. So I'm getting there. May you be blessed.

  2. Kimberly,

    Hope you have a great year too with CTG! We are really enjoying it.