Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CTG Week 7

Squirt wrote a summary sheet about crystal growing and her observations. We learned about hieroglyphs, papyrus making, the 2nd Commandment, and Abraham- Sarah- and Isaac. Squirt drew her own cartouche using info from pg 41 of the Ancient Egypt book. She wrote a summary about what she learned about Egyptian reading and writing. And of course the 3 Rs are always completed each day.

I have not been really crazy about the Genesis for Kids science book. We have been skipping that for now. I have a science book I will be using down the road instead of the Genesis for Kids.

Squirt listened to Summer from Vivaldi's Four Seasons and drew two pictures.

We put Abraham, Sarah and Isaac on our timeline.

And we prepared for VBS and the start of the rest of the month off for our summer break. Can't wait for some beach time!

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