Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CTG more from Week 6

So here's a picture of our cube made out of paper pyramids. We finally managed the project after a template was created by our friend's science genius hubby. They emailed it to us and I simply printed it out. Squirt cut it out, folded and taped, and put it together. Worked great! The math in the book to calculate the slope of the sides of the pyramid was not clear and the math was way more than I could handle. So thankful I have such smart friends!

Squirt also managed to see the pyramid crystals we grew last week using water and super washing soda. It took about a day and a half before we started to see our first crystals develop. The started growing on the sides of the glass first and then a small thin layer developed around the surface of the water attached to the string. Here is our final project after about four days of growing. There was a larger layer of crystals on the string but they broke off when we pulled the string up out of the water. They looked the most like pyramids after about 48 hours or so. But we took off for Memorial Day, so I didn't get take pictures until four days into the project. Two days of growing would have given a sufficient product to see pyramid shaped crystals.

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