Friday, September 3, 2010

Preschool Bible

I just have to post a quick note about this Bible.

We bought the Word & Song Bible for our dear daughter on her First Birthday. Now she has out grown it  and passed it on to her brothers. In the morning, while Squirt does her Quiet Time and reads her Bible, Bubba & Buddy sit on the bed and listen to the Word & Song Bible. Bubba gets his Bible or book and Buddy holds the Word & Song Bible. I looked the other day to see if this was still available new but it looks like it is out of print. I am very sad. This is a wonderful story bible with songs. It has beautiful illustrations and the CDs that come with the Bible are beautifully narrated and complete with all the songs and different voices, sound effects etc. I know there are parts that we save for when our children are closer to five to have them listen to such as Joseph sold into slavery, etc ( the more violent description stories). I do think that it may have been replaced by the Read N See DVD Bible. By the way this is how Squirt memorized the 23rd Psalm back in Kindergarten. So great for my auditory children!!!

Here are the boys enjoying their Bible time.

Buddy always asks for more. Then when it is done goes around the house singing the songs he has just heard that morning. 

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