Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wisdom from my sister (CTG Highlights Week 11 &12)

So it was suggested to me this week by a dear sweet friend and Sister in Christ that maybe so many of the issues that I have been dealing with with Buddy may be solved by spending more one on one time  and pouring more of the Word and charactering building into him. Now I know that I knew that already. But still it didn't sink in until she shared her experience with her youngest with me. So I will be taking a break from blogging quite so often and work on spending more time with each one of my children.

We also got the exciting news that we are expecting our seventh child! We are looking forward to bringing home our fourth miracle baby some time in April.

I think every Mom, homeschooling or not, struggles with balancing her time. I am trusting that God will faithfully show me how I need to change in my time management and home management to better glorify Him and raise up children who love Him and desire to serve Him and others.

So I will give a few brief highlights for the past three weeks and then take a nice long break to regroup and seek God for direction.

Week 11-

Vivaldi Winter drawings by Squirt

Code of Hammurabi

Queen Hatshepsut


timeline pieces

Week 12-13
Moses and 10 plagues

We started our Apologia Zoology I book.

And of course lots of math, language, scripture memory, book reading, health, Greek root words, vocabulary etc.

I think we have finally hit our stride in this new curriculum but I keep forgetting to scan things or take pictures. So pictures to come as an edit one of these days.

Happy Schooling!

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