Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing in Action

I haven't been blogging recently. We are really struggling to just get the basics done in school right now. I am trying to keep from being green and chasing after my almost 2yr old and breaking up fights between him and the 4 yr old. So I probably won't be posting any updates for a while. We have taken about three weeks to complete week 16. We are going through a pretty major trial that started about six weeks ago. But God is good and I look forward to sharing the story and our victory once we see what's God's final plan is in all of it!! (Yes and I say that with a smile)

I will share that I have found a wonderful preschool program. It has been purchased and I am very excited about starting it with Buddy (as soon as I get all the supplies together and can function without feeling like I will see breakfast at any moment).

It is called Little Hands to Heaven and is from Heart of Dakota. I discovered it through Jessica's blog Our Family For His Glory. I love her blog and find what she does with her kids inspiring.
Now, no, I am not jumping out of the My Father's World ship; but My Father's World does not have a formalized preschool program. I needed something more in-depth and a Teacher's Manual that would be open and go. I love that Heart of Dakota has the Bible as the spine very much like My Father's World. I am looking forward to sharing pictures and stories once we jump into it. Looks like great fun preschool stuff with lots of crafts, art, music, Bible, finger plays, dramatic play, ABCs, 1 2 3s and more. You can see some of the great stuff that is done at Jessica's blog.

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