Sunday, March 13, 2011

More February Highlights

Here are more pictures from our February and last week of January. There are more still to come! Buddy had a lovely time with LHTH. He enjoyed acting out being Abraham and feeding the "Visitors" heading to Sodom and Gomorrah.

He made his tent with a towel. (You can see it in the background). And he got to feed his visitors play and real food (dried apricots). But since they could not really eat them, he said he would eat them for them (too cute!).

Buddy also enjoyed practicing his letter writing. Writing in salt was a big hit! He was able to replicate it later with a marker on paper. We will be practicing more letters this way!!!

I wrote about Unit 6 of PHFHG here. But I wanted to post pictures of the Honey Cakes and also share what we did to make one batch gluten free.

My kiddos loved making and eating the Egyptian Honey Cakes.

Squirt mixing in butter with flour mixture (we used my home-ground red wheat flour)

Rolling out Honey Cake

Finished cakes waiting to be baked

Baked Wheat Honey Cake

I also used the same recipe from my PHFHG Guide and substituted my Rice Flour Mix instead of wheat flour. Here are pictures of those. It was painful to me to use so much honey between the two batches. But I chalked it up to educational expenses and tried not to think about it. 

Gluten Free Honey Cakes ready to bake. (The dough was very soft and not easy to really roll well)
Baked Gluten Free Honey Cakes (I think I baked them a little too long.)

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  1. Looks like the kiddos are having a great time w/ their fun school lessons! Cooking in school always made the girls excited.