Saturday, January 29, 2011

PHFHG Week In Review

Highlights from our week!

We started (finally) Drawn Into the Heart of Reading. For the first genre I chose Adventure and the book The Sword in the Tree by Clyde Robert Bulla. Squirt was very excited. We started DITHOR on Friday and she read the first chapter in the book. She can't wait to read more next week. I plan on only doing DITHOR 2-3 times a week (as suggested in my Teaching Manual aka "Guide").

Squirt basically finished Unit 6 of Preparing Hearts for His Glory. She also completed her experiment from Unit 5. We will do the experiment and cooking project from Unit 6 next week. I hope to make two batches of the Egyptian pastries, one with wheat flour and one with my rice flour mix, that way everyone can enjoy them that day.

We've continued to enjoy reading Grandpa's Box. She's getting better with written narration, thanks to great guidance from the HOD Guide.

Tirzah has been laid aside for night-time reading with Dad. (The chapters were longer and I was having a hard time getting through it before the little boys were interrupting.) It is a great book though! Not to be missed.

Squirt did the experiment from Unit 5 which asked "How does the waxy covering of the desert cactus help it store water?" Here she is with the finished project. The cactus on the left dried out completely while the cactus in the "waxy covering"  on the right stayed moist.

She studied Robert Lewis Stevenson's poem "Summer Sun" and learned about personification this week. She wrote her own poem using that poem as a guide and created a poem about the moon with the elements of personification. It was titled "Winter Moon". (hmmm spelling to be corrected next time)

She created a crook for her History Project. (And reminded me that I need to watch that she follows directions completely. She was suppose to leave the aluminum foil top of the crook plain shiny foil, but she failed to pay attention to the directions and painted the whole thing.)

Here are samples from her Independent History Study. (If you can't read it well click on it to see it bigger.)



No pictures for Science Exploration this week. More to come next week.


  1. I love seeing her progress! And I really like her poem... that is one thing I'm nervous about- poetry... the way I was taught poetry in school took the love of poetry right out of me, but I've heard HOD brings back a love for poetry- how fun!! :) Your daughter is such a beautiful girl that can be so proud of her work!

  2. Great work Squirt! What a treat to see your little gal excelling in her lessons!