Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop- School Room Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This week is School Room Week in the Not Back to School Blog Hop at Heart of the Matter. Here are pictures of our School Room.

We are blessed to have an extra bedroom which we use as a School Room. It does also double as our guest room. So we have this futon in there which is lovely for reading together on.

Squirt works at her desk or on her bed in her room. We were given this secretary desk and it works so wonderfully in that little spot. She can close it when she is not working and keep the little guys hands out of her stuff. And when it is open she has lots of space to work.

Buddy and Bubba work at this little table.

All our school books and supplies are kept on the shelves or in the closet.
Of course you never seem to have enough shelf space when you homeschool!

These are the main bulk of Squirt's school books and supplies for 2011-2012

The closet also houses other items for Hubby and I's use such as sewing supplies etc. But we have a visitor so I am not taking a picture of that. Just in vision messy organization (oxymoron that it is).

We have a couple of computers and about three more desks in the school room.
This wooden one was Squirt's since her 1st grade year. It is waiting to be used next by Buddy.

We use every inch of wall space in our school room! Display everything we can and build our timeline.

And there it is in all it's humbleness.


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  1. We stayed there! Yeah! Blessings! AMy McKissick