Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop- Student Photo Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

It is the 3rd week of the Not Back to School Blog Hop at Heart of the Matter. Here is our family:

Squirt our 5th Grader (I can't believe I'm even saying that!! Time flies!)

Buddy the preschooler soon to be Kindergartner

Bubba the effervescent 2 year old.


  1. I love these pictures! Such a beautiful girl & 2 handsome cuties!

  2. They look like sweet kids that are a lot of fun. I know my oldest will be a fifth grader before I blink my eyes... I'm following you, hope we can be some homeschool mom support for each other!

  3. We have a fifth grader also. Have a wonderful year together!

  4. Hello! I'm dropping by from the NBTSBH. Time does fly! My kids are grown and I only have one left at home. She's in 8th grade. It's unbelievable! Your kids look so sweet. Have a blessed year.