Friday, May 28, 2010

CTG Week 6 and Genesis Bookmark

I mentioned Squirt making a Genesis bookmark a while back and then forgot to post the pic once she finished it. So here is the Genesis bookmark-

We simply copied our timeline piece for Genesis 1:1 from my TM's appendix. I copied it onto card stock and then we cut it down after Squirt colored it. I covered it with contact paper for durability.

This week Squirt has done a number of projects. Lots of summaries and vocabulary work.

She and Buddy listened to Vivaldi's Four Seasons movement Summer. They will paint or draw to it next week.

She attempted to do the project from the Pyramids book displaying the stability of a pyramid structure versus a cube. She built the pyramid with six smaller pyramids.

But then we hit a speed bump with the six pyramids that were suppose to fit together to make a cube. I guess I didn't get the angle of pyramids' sides exactly 45 degrees, so they didn't fit together without big gaps. hmmm Daddy the mathematician's turn.....

We checked on our bread project and still no change (it may take a few weeks before we see anything)

Squirt started her Ten Commandments memorization. I had some left over packing stuff that was brown paper and already nicely crumpled, so that became our stone tablets for the wall. I think the font size was a little small, but oh well. It worked and we get the point. 

I am continually amazed at my daughter's ability to memorize things, ie scripture, poems, songs etc. I wish that I had that gift many times. ILL Lesson 13 poem memorization was a piece of cake for her, as usual.

We will start our crystal growing experiment this week. All our science projects seem to be long term processes. I hope to post pictures later of what we grew. I plan on using Super Washing Soda instead of baking soda as my TM suggests, simply because I have more washing soda on hand to waste. Need my baking soda for ummmm .....baking.

So we will be taking our summer break pretty soon. Warm weather, sand, salt water, relaxing times are calling (and hopefully no oil slick).

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