Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CTG Week 10 Highlights

Lots of Bible reading this week with the stories of Joseph.

I  have started using Story Starters by Karen Andreola

I am really loving the concept and the very applicable use of this book. It gives an illustration with a portion of a story and then leaves it up to the student to finish the story including reminder pointers about adding detail, emotion, voice etc. Squirt has been producing some very impressive writing with it. What a great way to get kids involved and loving the creative writing process.

We didn't do the Egyptian Meal for Week 10 but chose to try the Egyptian Fig Cakes from Ancient Egypt
I looked for fresh figs at Whole Foods when we went but was unable to find any. Thankfully, I was blessed this week by a friend with figs from her tree. So we gave the recipe a try.

I chose to do the fig cakes, because all the ingredients were safe for Buddy to eat. I didn't have any cardamom in the house and wasn't sure if he could consume it anyway. So I left it out. It may have greatly improved the over all product, but that I will  never know.

Here are the pics from the process. If you like fresh figs you will like this recipe. Otherwise you may just think (as I did) that it was ..... edible.

So I followed the recipe and what we first came up with was this-
Not very appetizing looking is it? It was waaay to wet and gooey.

So I added about another 2/3 cups of almond meal and finally got it to a better consistency.
Here is Squirt rolling the very sticky stuff into ball like shapes. We still couldn't roll them in honey as the recipe directed.

Finally the end product. Drizzled the top with honey and sprinkled a little more almond meal.

Looks better than it tasted. Squirt loved them though. So I guess that is all that really matters. Buddy liked the fresh figs but I think he couldn't get past the consistency of the fig cakes (he has texture issues).

The rest of our week was filled with reading, narrating, spelling, math (looots of math), and all the usual suspects of learning. Nothing very interesting to include here. 

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