Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop- Day in the Life Week

This is the final week for the Not Back to School Blog Hop Hosted by Darcy at Heart of the Matter.

So here is a typical day for us based mostly on today's schooling. I would note that Buddy has not wanted to be very active in schoolish activities or sitting still much these days. And I have not started formal preschool activities with him yet this school year. I am letting him set the pace on that one. More on that another day.

7:45 AM  
Squirt does her Quiet Time, Devotions and Bible Reading.
Buddy gets dressed and plays with Bubba .
Mom fixes breakfast & makes new loaf of Gluten Free Bread

8:15 AM  

8:45 AM  
All brush teeth and wash up from breakfast.
Squirt begins her Math Drill Multiplication Tables with flashcards and tape.

9:00 AM
Squirt starts her Independent Work.
She works in her Math Textbook and Workbook.
Bubba goes down for his morning nap.
Buddy sits down in the living room to watch Curious George.
Mom takes out bread from oven and then gets her shower.

9:30 AM  
Buddy heads to room to play.
Squirt finishes her math and starts independent work for English

Mom cleans up breakfast dishes.

10 AM      
Everyone does Book Basket in separate rooms.

10:15 AM  
Buddy continues reading while Mom works with Squirt on Apologia Science.

Mom reads to her and Squirt narrates back the info to check for comprehension.
Squirt writes a notebook page to go into her Zoology I Notebook.

Once a week on Tuesdays Squirt and Buddy do Music. They listen to a selection, read library books about the composer and later paint or illustrate a piece of art work that is inspired by the music.

11 AM      
Buddy plays.
Squirt and Mom work on Greek Root word "kinesis".

Squirt writes out the word meaning and three words
from the list that contain the root word along with the definition.
Mom checks work and Squirt moves on to write out the first seven of the
Ten Commandments in her best handwriting.
She glues the 7th Commandment to the wall poster.

11:30 AM    
Recess for Buddy and Squirt.
While Mom fixes lunches.

12:00 PM    
Lunch (Dad comes home and we eat as a family most days)
And more Recess
Bubba is up now and running a muck.

1 PM or 2PM -3PM          
Afternoon Nap for Buddy & Bubba.
Buddy goes down first.
Mom spend time with Bubba while Squirt does

Health Lesson 13
Squirt reads and answers all question in her book.

and writes a letter to a friend.

Bubba goes down for a nap. (Yes! He is a big sleeper!)

Mom and Squirt read Exodus 3 & 4 and
Pages out of Victor's Journey Through the Bible
Squirt writes a notebook page about the Bible readings and illustrates her page.

Squirt will also do independent reading during the afternoon.

Read alouds get done at bedtime.

Some days are heavier academic days then others. This is a full day of academics. We will start a  Monday Coop day with our local Homeschool Association next month. Our schedule will shift a lot and we will probably have to double up some days to stay on schedule and account for the time away from academics  spending with other homeschoolers doing extra fun classes.

Other things that may get done during the afternoon time are- additional science and history reading, history or science projects, history crafts, nature or science pages, and English memorization or dictation work.

Once or twice a week Squirt works out of her Story Starters book reading the selection and completing the creative writing assignment. The following week she will correct her rough draft and Mom will type up her story. It is then placed in her notebook.

Not Back to School Blog Hop

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