Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winds of Change

Well, we have made a decision. We will no longer be using MFW come January. We will begin using Heart of Dakota for everyone starting after the holidays. It is something I never thought that I would say, but I am leaving My Father's World Curricula.

It has been a journey to get to this point, but I feel like it is where God is leading us right now. I first found Heart of Dakota through Jessica's blog and fell in love with what I saw going on in Kindergarten and Preschool. MFW doesn't have a formal preschool curriculum and I really felt like I needed something more open and go. I bought Little Hands to Heaven for my 4 year old son. Then decided just to check out, for curiosity's sake, what else Heart of Dakota offered.

I recieved a catalog, and found myself engrossed in it for over an hour. Everything I read was speaking to me and inside I was starting to feel excited and loving everything I was reading and discovering. I spent the past month reading up everything about HOD. I asked questions on the phone and via forums and boards. One of the main things I liked is how much more God's Word is woven through this curriculum. I love that each year builds on the next in skill level and encourages independence while providing a structure that guides independent work. I love that one of the goals is to teach our children how to have their own internal filter using God's Word as the base. I love so many things about what I saw I don't think I can put it all together yet in words.  And then I prayed that the Lord would provide the funds and give me a peace if it was His will.

The funds came and I ordered the Teacher's Manual for Preparing Hearts For His Glory. I got the Manual this week and dug through it for hours looking at everything. I prayed hard and asked the Lord to give me a peace. And He did!!!

So starting in January, Squirt will be using Preparing Hearts For His Glory along with Singapore Math US Edition, Intermediate Language Lesson, Rod and Staff English 2 (beefing up on grammar), and Heart of Dakota's Drawn Into the Heart of Reading; while Buddy will be using Little Hands to Heaven; and Bubba will be listening in and participating where he can. I look forward to blogging about our new adventures!


  1. Hi from the HOD board!

    Oh how exciting! I would love to follow along with your journey too. I'm so glad you have a peace about your plans for this season. :)


  2. I've heard so much about this curriculum. I'll have to check it out now. :) Even though I know those early years don't require a lot of "stuff," I find I do better when I have a plan, especially with so many hearts to tend. Thanks for sharing about this!

  3. I've loved reading your words about how you poured over the catalog for over an hour- that sounds so much like me!! I've been praying that God would give you peace, & I am so glad He has!! :) I look forward to hearing about your journey. Although, I know switching curricula can be difficult, I know you will be blessed! :)