Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Joys

We got to do a good portion of Unit 1 in Heart of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven (LHTH). Buddy has listened in on his sister's reading and enjoyed listening to Bible readings from The Beginners Bible and The New Bible In Pictures for Little Eyes. He has done great answering and asking questions!

Buddy is learning about the letter A, the days of Creation, Adam & Eve, and the Fall.

Buddy really loves the Singing Bible CD and so do I.

We have just done the Letter Activities, Bible Reading, & Music this week. I hope to finish the rest of Unit 1 next week.

Buddy enjoyed walking a stuffed animal around the letter A. And then his sister joined him in tiptoeing, dancing, etc around the letter A.

One of the letter activities suggested gluing pasta or beans to the letter. Well, Buddy is allergic to legumes and gluten free rice pasta is EXPENSIVE. So I was not willing to use food. I thought about colored puffballs but didn't have any. (I need to restock my preschool art supplies.) But I did have lots of cotton balls. So that is what Buddy used. Then I thought it would be fun for him to make them colorful by painting them with his watercolors. Here are pictures from what he did.

The finished work!


  1. Making learning FUN! Cute pics!

  2. Great idea! I love the painted cotton balls. :)

  3. His A turned out just great!!! That's one of the things I love about HOD- how easy it is to come up with an alternative when needed! :) I'm sure it gets tricky with allergies though!
    Have a great day!