Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week in Review

Well, I am a little behind in posting things from our school week. Last Tuesday night, while making dinner, I cut off a good chunk of my left index finger. So I had to do the rest of the school week rather differently. I spent most of Wednesday on pain meds and trying to sleep off the worst of it, while my sweet hubby held down the fort.

But despite all that, here is our week from Unit 2 of HOD PHFHG. We got one day of LHTH finished.

Finishing up LHTH Unit 1-  Buddy learned about Cain and Abel. He practiced drawing capital A and lowercase a. He drew caterpillars in boxes and we counted to five. He learned how to write the number one and identify it by sight. And found the letter a in his Hide and Seek A page.

He enjoyed listening (as always) to the selection from the Singing Bible.

He cut out a tree and glued it to his Number One page to start his number book.  He is just learning to use scissors and to hold a pencil or crayon. I drew a big black square around the tree and he cut it out and pasted to his page.

While his sister worked on painting her rainbow for her History Project he enjoyed painting as well and articulated he was working on "mixing colors" too.

Here is what Squirt did in Unit 2 of HOD PHFHG.

We are continuing on with memorizing Psalm 1 using Lead Me to the Rock 

We did another Robert Lewis Stevenson poem for poetry- "Bed in Summer."
Here is Squirt's illustration of the poem.

Reading Through History and Storytime have been a pleasure. We are reading Life in the Great Ice Age and The True Story of Noah's Ark.

Squirt had a great time with her History Project. She learned about cool and warm colors and color mixing. And then painted a background for a rainbow which she then completed using only red, green and blue paints to create the colors she needed.

We are all loving reading Life in the Great Ice Age.
Squirt is learning to do more thorough Charlotte Mason style oral narrations. She struggled a little the first week but kind of got the hang of it by the end of the second week. She did a great job on her written summary this week too.

Each week she learns geography skills, researches a topic and learns new vocabulary all tied in with the books we read in our Reading Through History time and Storytime. This week she researched flood stories; made a timeline piece; learned about the words- barge, ancestor and ancient; and reviewed geography information.

Here's a page from her Independent Science Exploration using  primarily One Small Square: Arctic Tundra

For Independent History Study  Squirt is mainly using Draw and Write Through History. 

Here are her drawings from this week.

Squirt did two people. The drawing on the right was her first attempt. But she was unhappy with the product from her color blending for the skin, so she asked if she could start again. The one on the left is her second try. (I think they are both great!)

Noah's Ark

And then of course Squirt continued her work in Singapore Math, Rod and Staff English 2, dictation work, spelling, and creative writing exercises using her given poem for the week. 

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  1. I loved reading about your week! It's so neat seeing pictures of their work too!