Monday, January 10, 2011

HOD PHFHG Week in Review

We've had a busy but productive week last week. Buddy didn't do any formal school this week. We were busy with doctor appointments, chiropractor appointments and staying afloat in the world of life.

Squirt finished Unit 3 of Preparing Hearts for His Glory. Here are the highlights.

Squirt with her cave paintings- (mammoth and buffalo)

Buddy and his cave painting. He wouldn't stand still so I took a still picture of just the painting too. He was having a very wiggly-silly day (thus the silly face).

And Bubba joined in the school room too! He has discovered the Lauri peg board and pegs.

Squirt worked on drawing a mammoth for her Independent History Study one day.
She plans to complete the background this week. But I thought it was really good.

And finally here is Squirt's illustration of Unit 3's poem "Rain" by Robert Louis Stevenson