Sunday, July 31, 2011

Newest Happenings in My House

This summer is flying by! I can't believe August is almost here!!!

If you have been wondering about what we have been doing (other than sewing), here is a little update.

I have been spending my summer learning about cooking and implementing a new diet protocol for our middle son. He has multiple complex food and environmental allergies. I posted about it on my other blog here.

So for now, because of how much time, money, and learning it is requiring me (and it is ALLLOTT!), we will probably be starting our school year after Labor Day this year. This has been the first year in about two years that I have not schooled through the summer. But after having such a challenging year emotionally, spiritually, and physically, Mom (ME!) needed a break. I have been making my brain hurt learning about this new diet. But I trust that it is where the Lord is directing our family next. And I pray that it might be part of the path that the Lord uses to bring complete healing of our little Buddy. 

So if you don't see me around much... just know I am off learning a whole lot, cooking long hours in my kitchen, sewing an occasional project, and whole heartedly crying out to God for direction and assistance.

Until later,

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