Monday, May 3, 2010

CTG- Sabbath

We finished up CTG week 2. But we did the Sabbath at the end of it instead of at the end of week 1 as scheduled.

I made Challah from the recipe in Celebrating Biblical Feasts. I doubled the recipe and made it with home ground Spelt flour. It took allot more spelt flour than wheat flour. It also made allot of bread. Squirt helped me roll out and braid the bread. We talked about the meaning of the three strands and how they are a picture of the Triune God. And we put one small loaf on top of a larger loaf to represent the double portion of manna that was given on the sixth day to the Israelites in the desert. We enjoyed praying for each person in the family as we worked the bread.


Squirt enjoyed helping me set the table. I discovered then that I didn't have the white candles that I thought I had. So we had two peach floating floral candles instead. Squirt made paper flowers to go next to the candles. (Nothing real fancy when you have a 1 and 3 year old eating with you. We left off the fine china.)We set the table and then called everyone in to begin. I lit the candles and we talked about how they represented creation and redemption. We talked about how Jesus was present at creation and is the light of the world. And how He redeemed us from sin by His sacrifice on the cross. 

We enjoyed having my lovely husband pray over the cup and pass the grape juice for each person to taste. All of them got a big kick out of drinking it. Then he prayed over each member of the family and then prayed over the Challah and we each had a piece. Buddy was so excited to get to eat the bread that we were all eating (he usually gets something separate.) As we ate and broke off pieces of bread, we talked about how Jesus is the bread of life and that His body was broken for our sake. We each prayed a prayer as we took a piece of bread from the loaf. 

Dinner went quickly and we never really got to the closing prayer of thanks. Bubba melted down and needed to become reacquainted with his bed. And Squirt disappeared with her Dad. Buddy and I finished the meal with a prayer together.

All in all a nice evening. I'm just glad I don't have to work that hard every Saturday.

On Sunday we lit two white candles (I picked them up at the usual place... starts with a W). We talked about the meaning of the candles, the grape juice overflowing in the glass and the Besamim (smelling spices). Squirt had decorated the box two days before and we had put in some whole cinnamon, all spice berries and ground cloves. Smelled really wonderful. Squirt has kept it on her desk since then and keeps smelling it with a smile.


We talked about the symbolism in putting out the candle in the overflowing glass. We read the scriptures from Celebrating Biblical Feasts. Then we smelled the spices and I read the Besamin, then we said a prayer.

Shabbat Shalom!

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