Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CTG Week 4 Highlights

I am a little late posting. We had a shortened week, since I worked Convention on Friday and Saturday. So we did school four days last week. We also had many doctors appointments which interrupted our school days threes days out of the four. I decided with all the health challenges we are dealing with in our family right now (spring is really hard on Buddy), I would wait to do the feasts along with the calendar starting in the fall.

So highlights sans feasts for now.

We learned about Upper and Lower Egypt and King Menes.Squirt attempted to create an Egyptian Crown. She made the first part (the white crown) and then went to make the red crown to fit over it. But we discovered that we were completely out of red construction paper (we used it all when we studied Chinese New Year) unbeknownst to Mom. So crown to be continued (hopefully completed this week, once I get to the store).

Squirt continued to learn how to draw and label,  with correct spelling, a Bible Times Map.

Squirt learned about the science behind Pyramids. She built a triangular based pyramid and measured its volume, then the same with a square based pyramid.  Squirt built a cube and a square based pyramid out of straws and playdough with the same size square base. Then she tested the strength of each structure. Of course the pyramid is much stronger.

We learned about Farming in Egypt. Other than that we did just the basics. We will catch up this week hopefully and be back on schedule.

Below is a picture of her timeline piece.  (King Menes Unites Upper and Lower Egypt 3000 BC)

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