Friday, May 21, 2010

CTG Week 5

I only have a few minutes this morning, so I will try and get in the highlight from this week. We did allot of catching up, including finishing things from last week.

Squirt finished her King Menes crown
I think she did really well. The only thing I helped her with was fitting for her head. 

I picked up the CD of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons at convention last weekend. The kids listened to the Spring Movement. Squirt, naturally, danced to it while listening. I put on Smetana's The Moldau after that for them to listen to (a much better example of tone painting!)

Then the next day they painted Spring inspired paintings while listening to Vivaldi. 
Here they are in different stages.


(painting rain)

Finished work (the bottom was a river)

Painting one (She was unhappy with her finished product. So I let her paint another one the next day)

2nd try-

using watercolor pencils and watercolor paints

Squirt did the paper pyramid poject and made an extra for Buddy (he destroyed it pretty quickly)

We couldn't do the pyramid sugar cube project, because I couldn't  find sugar cubes anywhere. So Squirt made a step pyramid with legos instead.

(she tucked in doll furniture, little figures, and a block for the sarcophagus)

We did the science project from week 4. I didn't have cheap bread to use. To quote Squirt when she read the science project instructions "you aren't going to use your good bread, are you?!"  (I make my own bread. You can find the recipe here . So we waited till I bought some white bread. Pictures to come when we see the finished results. It was to teach about preservation and decay related to mummification.

We added Pyramids in Egypt (2500 BC) to the timeline.

Squirt has memorized all the Old Testament books and can now spell them all correctly. 
We did all the usual English, Math, Greek root work etc.

Buddy had a better day yesterday (first time in a long time). He is still having major issues, but we take it one day at a time believing that one day the Lord will heal him. He has had a rough time with his shots recently and Spring has been hard. You can read about our experience here . Hopefully when the air clears out of so many inhalant allergens he will feel better and can control his temper more easily. I am trying to always remember to be thankful to the Lord for Him and stay patient with him no matter how he behaves. Some days it is really difficult, but I know that when I am weak that the Lord is my strength. 

Lots of of fun this week. 

Buddy started using his new preschool toys that I picked up last weekend at convention. You can look at them here. He really likes the kids puzzle.

 He has been having fun having me hold up a piece and he imitates the way the person is standing. 

We started using the number puzzle and he has enjoyed that too. 

It seems like a perfect fit for him. He is smart enough to start Kindergarten early. But I didn't feel like he was ready for the writing in it yet. So we will have fun with all the preschool stuff. I'm thankful it came with lots of ideas of how to use each item in many educational ways. I do hope to pick up some cutting things for him so he can also enjoy cutting and pasting. 

Til next time...

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