Monday, May 10, 2010

CTG Week 3 Highlights

Highlights from Week 3 (Mesopotamia, Tower of Babel)

We are going to wait to start any more of our feasts until September and try and celebrate them according to the calendar year. In the mean time, I am working on dealing with health issues with the children and getting the rest of the basic schooling done.

Spring has been really miserable around here so it has been a challenge to get allot done without interruptions from crabby allergy ridden boys and cranky head-achy Moms.

The memory work for these weeks is the Old Testament books of the Bible. But Squirt learned them the very first week it was assigned, thanks once again to the Sing The Word song "The Books of the Old Testament".
Squirt has been working since then on learning how to spell the Old Testament books. I am working on a list of Memory Verses to add in where the Teacher's Manual has memory work.

We learned how to draw a Bible Lands Map. I love the story that is given in our TM. It gives a cute little story to tell as you draw the Bible Lands Map. Squirt learned it pretty well. She is now working on learning the spelling of the different labels that go on the map.

We learned about Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent and Cuneiform. Instead of doing the monograms in cookie dough Squirt did them in Gluten Free playdough (for her brother's sake)

We searched for their monograms in Cuneiform here

Then Squirt carved them out for herself and her brother in playdough.
I think she did a pretty good job. The second monogram picture turned out better since I turned off the flash for it.

Squirt read and learned about the Tower of Babel  in Streams of Civilization and ziggurats in The Victor Journey Through the Bible . I am learning as much as Squirt is, and really enjoying reading in both of these books so much about History that I never learned. Certain portions of it she will read in later years. For now she is learning the cut down version that is age appropriate. 

Here is our timeline so far

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