Saturday, January 15, 2011

HOD PHFHG Week in Review

We had fun this week with HOD!!! I am posting the kids weeks separately since Squirt's is so long.

Squirt finished Unit 3 and almost all of Unit 4 of Preparing this week. She will do the experiment from Unit 4 on Monday, as she completed the experiment for Unit 3 this week. Here are the highlights of her week.

She made a clay Great Ice Age map complete with labeling flags, great ice walls, and painted water. We were short on playdough, so she made it flat. Then she used acrylic paint to paint the bodies of water and then added white paper to represent the ice walls. Here is her project in two stages. She took three days to complete it. 

She also did an experiment with water. She had to answer the question "Why do caterpillars and insects not freeze during the winter in the Arctic Tundra?"  She put a 1/2 tsp salt in one compartment of water and a 1/2 tsp of sugar in another. The third she left plain water. The guide said to use an ice cube tray, but we don't own any. This was my closest substitution- a mini-muffin tin. Here are pictures of what she did and her lab sheet.

She did label the tray in her picture differently than the real tray, but the labels were all there just in a different order.

Here is her work from her Classifying Living Things. The picture doesn't do it justice as the page was bigger than what my scanner could scan. The top of the page says Revelation 4:11. (I noticed I need to work on proofing her spelling and correct copying of things more in her Independent work.) I thought her drawings were lovely!

Here is her work for her Independent History Study in Draw and Write Through History.

And here is her illustration for Poetry this week.

Just one more to tack on that I didn't scan from Unit 3. Here is one of her Sceince Exploration pages from last week.


  1. Tell her Mrs. C is proud of her beautiful work! Looks a lot like how we learned using art and writing to narrate back what they learned from their lessons. Good job "Squirt"!