Saturday, January 15, 2011

LHTH Week In Review

We had fun this week with HOD!!!

Buddy enjoyed his time in Little Hands. We are in Unit 2. We finished Days 1-3 this week. We have not done LHTH every day. But here is what Buddy did do this week.

He giggled his way through the Noah's Big Boat fingerplay. He loved making the animal sounds, especially the Bison that says "snort". 

He glued cottonballs to the letter B and then painted them with B-B- Blue and B-B-Brown. 

He also got to do his first science experiment! He loved every minute of it! He had to guess what things would float or sink. Here is his hypothesis.

Then he did the experiment.

And here was his conclusion after he placed each item in the bowl to see if it did float or sank. He chose to leave the cottonball in the sink category because, even though it floated initially, once it go water logged it sank. 

Buddy learned the letter B and worked to identify it in his Hide And Seek B page. He also learned about the number two and cut out 2 hands to place on his Number Two page for his Number Book.

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