Friday, January 21, 2011

LHTH Week in Review

This week we did more of  Unit 2 of LHTH with Buddy. He enjoyed working on writing the letter B and counting to five while placing blocks on his letter B.

He learned about Noah's Ark and the rainbow and enjoyed cutting color paper and making a rainbow collage. 
The Guide said to tear the paper, but I thought this would be another great time for Buddy to practice using scissors. Please ignore the terrible bed head.  (he got a haircut last night). 

Finished work of art!!


  1. His rainbow turned out beautifully! And he is very handsome- "bed-head" and all! :)

  2. What a nicely organized B your ds made! Cutting is a favorite here with my little one!!!
    Now I have to jump over to see your gluten free recipes and send the link to a friend!