Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Hands Week in Review

We have completed the last day of Unit 2 and Days 1-3 of Unit 3 of Little Hands to Heaven. Buddy is really enjoying his preschool. I asked him if he wanted to include little brother, and of course he wanted his special time all to himself. So we wait to do preschool (LHTH) until Bubba is down for his nap. Buddy has just recently stopped napping, so we let our afternoons be a little bit more relaxed than before.

I just love how sweet and gentle Heart of Dakota is and how much my little guy is learning at the same time. It is just the right amount right now for him. I am letting him guide me in the speed and we are both having a lovely time.

Buddy learned the letter C and the number 3 this week. We read about the Tower of Babel and made towers and counted blocks (I forgot to take out the camera that day). We read about Abraham leaving his homeland with his family; and he and Lot parting ways and Lot choosing the best for himself. And then we learned about God's promises to Abraham.

Buddy cut out 3 suitcases for his number 3 page.

He enjoyed cutting out C-C-Cloth to put on
his letter C. And no bed-head! I gave him that haircut that is as close to a crew-cut as I could get with the scissors. ( He will not allow the shears aka "buzzers" anywhere near his head.)

My little ham! (Love that one eyebrow look.)

And He reeeeeally enjoyed driving his cars around the letter C.

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  1. How precious!! That brings back such fun memories... I don't think I'll ever get tired of doing LHTH with my little ones!! And, his hair looks so nice- you did well- my husband does the "buzzing" at our house!