Saturday, January 22, 2011

PHFHG Week In Review

This week we finished up the science experiment from Unit 4 and the rest of Unit 5. We are continuing on in Rod and Staff 2 and Singapore Math 3B. We will begin Drawn Into the Heart of Reading this week.

We are continuning to read together from A Child's History of the World. (Vocabulary & Research topics have been drawn from this as well as Geography and timeline work)

We are continuing reading in Grandpa's Box.

And have begun reading Tirzah.

Below are samples from Squirt's Independent work.

She's done creative writing through poetry and written her own poem based on "A Good Play" by Robert Lewis Stevenson. She's memorized  "A Good Play" for Poetry. And I recorded a video of her saying it from memory.

She's memorized Psalm 127:3-4 using  the Lead Me to the Rock CD
And copied it into her Common Place Book.

She made three more timeline pieces. (Pictures to come)

Squirt did an experiment (completely on her own) to figure out how cactus spines help cacti to stay cooler in the desert heat. Here is her cactus.

She is reading the 5,000 Year Old Puzzle for Independent History Study. She drew a sarcophagus and pyramid. Here are samples of her work from that with Draw and Write Through History.

And her completed mammoth from a while back

And she made a cartouche for her History Project out of air dry clay and wrote Hatshepsut on it. Then she rubbed paint into the etching to make it stand out.

And finally one of her Science Exploration sheets. 

She will do the experiment from Unit 5 next week and move on to Unit 6.


  1. Oh- I am now getting so "antsy" to start doing Preparing... although that won't be for a few years! :) Those books look wonderful & her work always amazes me- so neat & well-done! Hurray for another good week!

  2. you are doing an amazing job, edie...and your kids too. just realized you had this blog, i'll have to catch up on in this week looks like lots of fun ideas. we're doing the Child's History and starting Tirzah this week. our history is actually through Abeka, but i like those other books, so i've added them in.