Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ECC Week 31-32 Australia

 We added Australia to our wall.

We enjoyed learning allot online and through library books about Australian animals.

Squirt made an origami Koala.

She did a 3D paper craft of the Sydney Opera House.
You can find the instructions here.

Squirt read allot about reefs especially the Great Barrier Reef.  

We listened online to Waltzing Matilda and learned allot of Australian phrases. Here is an excerpt from some of Squirt's writing and art work for Australia.


Squirt drew this looking at the picture of a real Red-Capped Parrot. Then she chose to change the top color of the head. She said she thought the red looked weird. So it is a Red-Capped Parrot without a red head. hmmmm artistic license?

We did enjoy eating Kiwis for a snack during one of the Australia weeks. We didn't plant the seeds though.

We had a great time listening to different bird songs of Australian birds. The kids especially enjoyed the Kookaburra. I found a great deal on this book. So bought it and used it for Australia. 

We later got to review a number of animals with a trip to the Zoo, when we were on vacation after finishing ECC. It was neat to see how much we learned and remembered.  

And of course we ended our study watching Finding Nemo. Squirt got allot more of it after learning about Australia. Buddy just loved the seagulls (minemineminemine) and crabs (heyheyheyhey).


  1. I found your blog on the MFW message boards, and I've enjoyed seeing what you did with ECC. (That's actually 2 years away for us - I'm a perpetual planner!) Anyway, I was wondering where you got your kids from around the world posters. They are absolutely adorable, and I'd love to have these when we do ECC!

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  3. I wa given the kids around the world bulletin board kit but you can find it here and then maybe by seeing the pics you can find it at your local teacher supply place. I really enjoyed having it on hand through the year. I am saving it for next time we do ECC in four years. Hope you are able to easily find something.