Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who we are and what we are doing

I am a homeschooling mom teaching one child (with two boys running around and absorbing what they can). Our oldest is Squirt currently starting Creation to the Greeks in 4th grade. We have been using My Father's World for two years now. We completed Adventures in My Father's World for Squirt's second grade and just finished up Exploring Countries and Cultures about three weeks ago for her 3rd grade. We have enjoyed every minute of it (well mostly, we have had our bumps in the road). We used other curriculums for K and 1st but I was incredibly thankful when the Lord led us to find My Father's World.

Squirt is in 4th grade starting this week.

Buddy is 3 1/2 and learning by osmosis. See his journey with complex food allergies and our story and ideas about that at http://quietlyrunningtherace.blogspot.com/.

Bubba is 17 months and keeping me busy keeping him out of everything. He is very smart and very quick.

We are using My Father's World Creation to the Greeks, which is part of a five year history cycle designed to be used with 3-8 grades. When Buddy finishes K and 1st he will join us wherever we are in the history cycle.

We use Intermediate Language Lessons and Writing Strands for language (along with English from the Roots Up). We just finished up Primary Language Lessons after using it for 2nd and 3rd grade. We started Intermediate Language Lessons this week (aka ILL).

We are using Spelling Power (but rather half haphazardly since Squirt is a natural born speller)

We are using Singapore Math US Edition. Squirt started 3A this week. Math has been our biggest challenge but Squirt is making progress and I try and keep her from getting to emotional about it when we hit a speed bump.

I hope to post things when I can. But my goal is to have this blog serve as a journal but being mindful that it should not take away from other things that are more important.
So off to get some r and r and help hubby clean up.


  1. Your blog is so much fun! I just stumbled upon it tonight when I was researching MFW's website to look into ordering CtG curriculum. My daughter, 9 ending her 3rd grade year, is finishing up ECC. I have had a blast reading through your blog! We're finishing Kenya tomorrow (Tuesday), HOPEFULLY! I seem to be a slooow homeschooler with ECC. We really do get deep into what we do tho. :o)
    I have a second adorable daughter who just turned 1 in April. I understand what you wrote about having to keep Mr. Bubba from getting into everything, etc! My little one seems to have her daddy's mechanical mind and finds amazing ways to disassemble any and everything!
    Well, I just wanted to drop a quick hello to you. After reading your blog I feel like I know you! I will keep reading and gleening from you, if you don't mind. :o)

  2. Thanks, Rachel!

    I understand about having countries you just want to stay in and dig deeper.

    Sounds like your dd is allot like my youngest.

    Glad to know that my blog is helping others. I know going to other MFW blogs have really helped me in the past when I needed pictures for the visual (since I'm a visual learner myself) or to clear up confusion on some project or week assignment.

    I'll be a little ahead of you in CTG maybe for a while. We do school year round but we will take all of June off. So you might catch up with us if you school year round as well.

    Enjoy your time in MFW! I know we are!