Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ECC weeks 1-2

This was a great project for us. Squirt really enjoyed helping to make this cake. I made it in a sheet pan and then mixed blue food coloring with white frosting to get the water color. We used a toothpick and looked at our atlas to draw the outline of the countries (we added Antartica after this picture was taken). I used green cookie frosting in the tube for the continents. I started one of the continents to show Squirt how to outline and fill with the tube and then she did the rest. I was really pleased with how well she did with it.

We had a great time having it with our dinner that night and Squirt and Buddy sang the continents and oceans songs for their Daddy. What a fun way to start off the year and jump into geography. We have used Geography Songs by Audio Memory. You can listen to samples here

We had a great time doing the Leaf and Bark Collection. I took pictures of the leaves and berries that Squirt collected and printed them out next to her drawings and bark rubbings. We had a great time walking around our neighborhood finding trees we didn't know. We then came back and looked them up in our Tree Guide Book. There was one we  couldn't find in the book. So we searched for it on the web. I think I learned as much as Squirt did on that project.

Hands Around the World Paper Dolls made by Squirt

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