Thursday, April 22, 2010

ECC Weeks 23-24 India

We had allot of fun going to India ( in our imaginations). My mother was here with us for the first week. So she got to ride on the "plane" with us. She helped Squirt, she and I don our sheet saris. Buddy even wore a turban (baby blanket wrapped around a hat on his head). We munched on dried figs on the "plane". I made a Chicken curry dish with some seasoned rice. And we had plain yogurt again on the side. Squirt enjoyed reading One Grain of Rice, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and books about Everest.

We added India to our wall.

I have really enjoyed finding and printing out John 3:16 in all the different languages. I am struck by even the visual beauty of each written language sharing the great Message.

We made use of some resources at to learn more about Hinduism and Buddhism. We did the same when we learned about Islam & other religions in countries we studied. It was great to see them side by side with what we are told in God's Word.   Window on the World was a great resource as usual, too.

Squirt did the volcano experiment with her Dad on the weekend. But I think she was a little disappointed in the fizzle instead of a big explosion. But I have a friend who has given me a great recipe, for future use, that will definitely end with a bang. But that is for another day and another year.

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