Thursday, April 22, 2010

ECC Week 21-22 Saudi Arabia

I know that for many people, Saudi Arabia was a rough two weeks. But for us, God made it soooo amazing. We started off doing the flag. After looking at it and coloring it in, we talked about what the Arabic on the flag says, then we covered up the Arabic words with Exodus 20:3. On our wall we posted the Israeli flag instead.

We made the No-Ruz Centerpiece from Global Art pg 58 with wheat kernels I had on hand .

We were blessed to have a friend's grand-daughter come over. They had just moved back from Oman. She cooked an amazing authentic chicken dish with some incredible rice. We ate that with some plain yogurt on the side, which just balanced out the spices in the chicken and rice so well.  I made Hummus and bought pita bread. She wrote out Squirts full name in Arabic. We added that to our wall. She taught us a few words in Arabic and shared a little about the culture and food. 

We started reading Amy Carmichael. Awesome, awesome!

All in all, a very fun and educational trip into Saudi.

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