Thursday, April 22, 2010

ECC Weeks 18-20 Africa -Kenya

Africa was so wonderful! We learned so much and found wonderful books and did fun crafts.

We added Kenya to our wall.

We found a beautiful book
14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy ( a true story)

We loved learning about the Maasai people and so many other things in Africa.

We read the biography of David Livingstone, which was not my favorite and hard for me to see the eternal impact made there. I think next time we do ECC we will read Mary Slessor or another missionary story instead.

Squirt made the Maasai Necklace from Global Art pg. 16.

She made the cloth basket from Global Art pg 15.
Squirt did weave a large square out of ribbons first and then we placed the woven ribbons over a ceramic bowl with plastic wrap between it and the cloth. We smeared school glue with our fingers until it was totally covered and let it dry over night. Then popped it off the bowl and let it dry some more. It looked like this before we trimmed the edges.

We learned allot about grasslands. Squirt made a Grassland Mural but drew and made everything rather than cutting out things from magazines as the original instructions suggested. 

It was a good three weeks. Since we were in Kenya per se for three weeks, I threw in some other pages with info I had on South Africa, Botswana & Nigeria.

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