Thursday, April 22, 2010

ECC Weeks 25-26 China

We started reading Gladys Aylward these weeks. It is a wonderful story of an amazing woman. There were a few disturbing parts, but Squirt handled it well. And her Dad felt it was important for her to hear the whole story. She is old enough now to begin to learn more about persecution and the realities of living in places where Christians are not received well. More than anything though, it was an opportunity for her to hear of people willing to stand for Christ no matter if it meant giving up their lives.

We added China to our wall.
Squirt really enjoyed trying her hand at painting the numbers using a calligraphy style paint brush and watercolor.  We listened to some Chinese phrases and words online. 

And as usual having the Wee Sing Around the World CD enhanced our country experience by giving us a taste of the music and language. 

As we went through the year, Squirt used the Geography Songs from Audio Memory. 
Squirt would listen to the different songs according to what continent or section of a continent she was currently studying. I think it helped the geography to imprint on her mind more, since she is very auditory.
Buddy tagged along and would chime in with something he remember hearing too. (he is only 3)

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  1. We are getting ready to start on China pretty soon. Looking forward to it! :)